Earn Money taking photos with Clashot


Clashot, the app to earn money taking photos with your cell phone

Those addicted to Instagram and taking photos with their cell phones are in luck: the first app to make money with photos has just been released. It’s called Clashot and allows users to upload photos that will be sold to the press through Depositphotos.

Cell phones are taking better and better quality photos. And the first app that allows us to sell them at a professional level has just been released: Clashot. Any type of photographic report can be uploaded, but the app is designed to be used for events of public relevance. The best photos will be sold in the editorial section of Depositphotos.

It seems that this app wants to take advantage of the fact that there are cell phones everywhere to sell to the press photos of amateurs who were in the right place at the right time. At the moment, smartphone photos are not of high enough quality for generic, non-newsworthy photos to compete with professionals.

Now that we all carry a cell phone in our pocket with a powerful camera, taking pictures of the everyday anywhere has become an exercise we do every day.

Sometimes we retouch them, sometimes we share them on social networks… but what we don’t know is that those photos we take with our cell phones could also become a source of income.

We have been testing these days Clashot, an application that allows us to earn money by taking photos with the mobile in a simple way.

What to do?

The first thing to do is to download the free application (currently only available for iPhone) and when we are at an event or in a situation worthy of being photographed, take a series of images. You don’t send the photos separately to Clashot, you have to send a complete photo report.

The best works, those that in the opinion of those responsible for the app are of the highest quality or those that get the best comments from users, are selected to be part of the editorial section of Depositphotos, where they can be purchased by news agencies and publishing houses. Of course, the author will obtain economic benefits from each purchase of his photographs in the editorial section of Deposit Photos.


Where to download the App (apk)?

Here is the link to download the application Clashot in apk format.
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