40 FREE flower images to add to your designs

free flowers

Collaborate to make your next design bloom with 40 photos of flowers in full bloom, individual and fashionable.

We´ve searched for flower-related keywords like “living wall” and “floral escape”. For this reason we predict that the In Full Bloom look will be a major Creative Trend these years. Not delicate flowers embroidered in silk, but striking, bright and overpowering flowers.

To help you add the In Full Bloom trend to your designs, we will give away 40 high quality photos of various types of flowers. 105 MB of vivid and beautiful flowers, with transparent backgrounds that maximize the versatility of any design, print or digital.

Below, we share a few ways you can use these transparent floral images. Logically, you could simply drag them over any image to add some flair, but if you try a little harder, you’ll begin to see how many ways these images can be used.

How to download the free flower image pack

Downloading these 40 free flower images is simple. Just click the button below to download. Then double click on the ZIP file to unzip the contents and you will see the neatly labeled flowers.

By downloading this free flower image package, you agree not to resell or redistribute the included elements.

Details, elements and borders

As stand-alone images, you can create your own virtual bouquets. These images are PNG files, with transparent backgrounds and precise cropping. That means all you’ll see are flowers, with no backgrounds to deal with or remove.

Add some organic ingredients to a skin care brand. (Imagen vía F8 studio)

Simply drag the images onto your canvas, in any sketching or design application, and stack and arrange them as you wish. For example, you can flip them, invert them, or change their orientation to assemble an easy and colorful wreath.

An easy, colorful wreath can look great on a holiday card, or you can add text and information for a summer festival invitation.

You can also use them sparingly, as details. This will allow you to enhance an image without going overboard. You can use flowers for a bold but subtle look at the same time.

Or just do something quirky. (Image via AS photo studio)

Typographic details

In addition to using them in an image, use flowers to create an interplay with your typography. Use masks and layers to add depth to a flat headline.

Parallel, sharp or soft shadows can be used to change the perspective of a typography-oriented design without resorting to supporting images, saving you from having to decipher whether the image supports the text or overpowers it. Make lettering and flowers intertwine for interesting looks.

Use the flowers as details of the capital letter. You can even create fonts with several small flowers lined up to form words.

Free flower images as patterns

Arrange flowers in repeating motifs to create your own patterns. Go unconventional by mixing them, alternating them, changing their order, or using the same ones over and over again. In technical terms, you can use them to create hundreds of thousands of image combinations.

Flower masks

Drop flowers into an image with absolute control by using masks. Blur parts of an image to create more organic borders, or containers to add a patterned look. Use the constituent shapes and themes of a host image to transform an image in a natural, yet unexpected way.

Create a screen projection look with a simple masked outline to make a 3D image flat. (Image via Oleg Gekman)

Whether you completely saturate the masked area with flowers or arrange the flowers geometrically to mimic a printed pattern, the areas you mask will be an excellent host for flowers as long as you respect the outlines.

Add elements to anything you want with a mask, even patterns and fashion details. (Image via Anastasiia Horova)

Or go off the beaten path and use your own shapes superimposed over an image. You can also create an entire image from masks and include your unique patterns and flower image layouts. Do as you please, because they are literally yours to enjoy.

Blending Modes

In addition to layouts and settings, blending modes in Photoshop allow you to have greater control over depth, color, transparency, opacity and saturation of flowers either in groups or individually.

Versatile looks with blend modes: The top row uses the Multiply blend mode on a white background. The bottom row uses the Overlay blend mode on a black background.

Mix and match all the techniques to achieve your own unique combos of use. The sky is the limit and with each exploration you will spread joy, color and life throughout your designs.

In this image, blend modes, masks and patterns are used to overlay the shapes and flower images, allowing them to blend with the elements above and below in layered order.

Fuente: Shutterstock