11 Free Vaccine Clip Art to illustrate your vaccine-related information

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Download these free vaccine clip art to illustrate your vaccine-related information and express appreciation to medical workers.

During the pandemic, medical staff were hit hard, risking their lives to help people infected with the virus. Therefore, when the vaccine finally comes out, it is like a beacon of hope. Medical staff will no longer need to risk their lives to help people infected with this life-threatening virus. For all of us, we are all a bit away from the actual (not new) normal point. To show your appreciation for these hard-working healthcare workers, we have created clip art with the theme of bundled vaccines.

You can download these clip art for free.

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Included in this free vaccine clip art package

This free  vaccine clip art pack contains eleven colorful illustrations, including: Nurses of all races and genders Six nurses Six nurses of different races, genders and scrubs. Each of them wears a mask and stethoscope, just like any nurse. Six Nurses

Syringe and vial

What is a vaccine clip art package without vials and syringes? Vial and Syringe

Nurses manage vaccines

The nurse vaccinated her patient. Injecting Patient with Vaccine

Thank you nurses and medical staff!

Thanks to the medical staff Express gratitude to the medical staff Speaking of thank you, you can use this clip art so that we can all express our gratitude to these frontline workers. Expressing Gratitude to Healthcare Workers

Medical gloves

Last but not least, a pair of medical gloves illustrates the need for virus protection. Medical Gloves Clip art is a high-quality .png file with a transparent background. All you need to do is open the .png file in any design software (such as Adobe Photoshop or other Editor).

How to download free vaccine clip art

To download this free vaccine clip art package, just click the button below to start the download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to extract its contents. You will see a .psd and .eps file that can be used to customize clip art, and a folder named “png”, where all usable .png files with a transparent background are located in this folder.

Download the free vaccine tailoring art package here

By downloading this free template package, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to use clip art

Medical staff thank you card thank you card Thank you card for medical staff. Medical staff have always risked their health (and lives!) to protect our lives. Make a customized card and send it to the medical staff you know to thank them. Or, post it to your Instagram account. Thank You Card

Vaccine map

Even if the vaccine is officially provided, not everyone knows the facts about the vaccine itself. These clip art can help decorate useful information about the vaccine, making it more interesting and easy to read. You can also add them to your posters, social media posts, and basically any vaccine-related design! Vaccine Infographic Therefore, please be creative with these vaccine-related clip art designs and enjoy it !