10 Free Fonts that will set Trends

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While it is true that through an image it is possible to communicate complex ideas and concepts, it is also true that when we are designing, words are often unavoidable.

This is why typographies are so varied, currently no one knows exactly how many typographies or fonts exist in the world, if you visit MyFonts you will see that its search box mentions 130,000 fonts… and counting.

With this we can be sure that there is a font for every type of need and situation you require in your design and at the same time finding the perfect font can be a titanic task. That’s why we took on the task of interviewing some outstanding designers and discovering which fonts will set the trend in 2019. Let’s get started!

1. Gotham

It has a sober design, with basic and essential geometric features. Its beauty seems to me to lie just in the simplicity and synthesis with which its forms are solved.

Javier Henriquez Lara

Javier used Gotham typography for the project “Eulogio Fonda Fina” in which it is used to show ideological contrast between the “street” nature of a fonda and the “Frenchified” taste of the owner of the fonda.

Design with Gotham typography
Image: Javier Henriquez Lara – Eulogio Fonda Fina

gotham typography

2. Oswald and Roboto

They have a minimalist and modern style, plus they are quite legible for readers, despite being characterized by thin strokes… They also have the advantage of looking good on small screens due to their minimalist design.

Diego Velazquez

Diego is a marketer who has more than 5 years of experience in web development and 3D animation, which explains his taste for fonts that are easily usable in digital environments. When asked about his favorite fonts and how he uses them, he says “in the creation of websites, since both fonts are available in Google Fonts and it is very easy to integrate them into any web page”.

Diego used the Oswald typeface in the following 3D image he made for Netflix. The button and the text of the logo was made with that font.

Image: Diego Velázquez – Netflix

oswald-netflix typograph

3. Averta

Averta is my favorite, it is a simple sans serif, elegant and has a variety of styles, which allow me to generate an excellent composition.

Tania Dominguez

Tania is a graphic designer and entrepreneur from El Salvador, who likes to use Averta for “magazine design, logos, brand manuals, reports and infographics. Projects with a lot of information, which need to improve the understanding of the contents”.

Tania shared with us the following graphic interface and user experience development project where we can see how the use of this typography gives an interface, clear, simple and pleasing to the eye, facilitating the user experience.

Image: Tania Domínguez

averta typograph

4. The Head

I like to use La Cabeza a lot for my name and elements I want to highlight.

Ixchel Estrada

Ixchel is a Mexican illustrator who has collaborated for print and editorial media since 2000; her work has been published in books, magazines and animated shorts. Proudly Ixchel’s work has received awards and has been exhibited in different national and international exhibitions. It has been published in other languages and countries such as Taiwan, China and Korea.

In the following poster created by her for her toy creation workshop, we can see how she uses La Cabeza typography for the title, making it stand out by the contrast of the strokes and making it an integral part of the style of her design.

Design with la cabeza typography
Image: Ixchel Estrada – Handmaed mini-toys workshop.

the head typograph

5. Verona

It is a typeface with a modern Roman appearance, with a slight contrast in its strokes. Its serifs have inverted angles between ascenders, descenders and arms that give it a unique personality.

Javier Henríquez Lara

For Javier, choosing a favorite typeface is as difficult as choosing a favorite movie, band or album. “From my perspective,” he says, “fonts have a character that should be used as a support to transmit the personality of a brand or graphic. From that point of view, the best font will be the one that formally responds to the communication needs of a particular project.

Javier shared with us his image development project for Café Michelena, in which he made use of the Verona typography. True to his thinking, the typography conferred a unique personality to the brand, being very appropriate to reflect the era it refers us to, as well as identifying by just reading it the type of environment that we can find in this bookstore and coffee shop in Morelia.

cafe michelena
Image: Javier Henriquez Lara – Café Michelena

verona typograph

6. Carnaby Street

Some fonts I enjoy using lately are from the foundry Beasts of England, in particular Carnaby Street. I like this one for being a modern take on the classic type style and it reminds me of the casual strokes of the hand lettering.

Alfonso Ramos

Alfonso is a freelance graphic designer from Monterrey, N.L. His specialties are logos, brand strategies and identity systems, among others, and it is here where typefaces like Carnaby Street become important in his work. “I use them for visual identity design, but in less corporate projects. Being fonts with very peculiar styles, they work very well for creating unique and dynamic brand identity systems.”

In his Heartsome League project we see how he used this typeface, giving the shield a lot of personality and giving it that handmade typography quality that Alfonso appreciates so much.

Image: Alfonso Ramos – Heartsome League

carnaby street typograph

7. Sansa Kid

Sansa Kid is childish, simplicity in its forms, it is handmade with a touch of naivety.

Tania Dominguez

Tania produces multimedia educational material, which she sells on her website himoki.com, besides being a children’s illustrator. Hence her taste for this hand drawn style typography “Sansa Kid for children’s projects, for example story books with short paragraphs or projects with “handdrawn” style, as anyone can identify with it, as it reminds us of the notes we used to make in our notebooks or sketchbooks.”

In the image we can appreciate what Tania clearly refers to, Sansa Kid is a playful, irregular typography, which reminds us of the first strokes that children give, excellent for projects with a childish touch.

Image: Tania Domínguez – Spring Toys

sansa kid typograph

8 and 9. Bacana and Red Moon Rising

I like to use a lot of … mixing shapes and sizes so Bacana and Red Moon Rising work very well for me.

Ixchel Estrada

In places 8 and 9 we have two very particular typefaces. Bacana is a handwritten style typeface, with joined strokes between the letters, while Red Moon Rising reminds us of art deco with its intricate shapes and angular strokes.

Ixchel often uses these typefaces for the creation of posters and flyers that promote her or her workshops. In the following image we can see how she uses both typefaces to create a contrast between the curved shapes of Bacana and the angular strokes of Red Moon Rising.

poster 1
Image: Ixchel Estrada – Taller de Collage

bacana and red moon rising typograhp

10. Futura Rounded

Another of my favorite fonts is the always useful Futura. I’m using the Rounded version because it works quite well combined with fonts like Carnaby Street, as well as complementing the grids and compositions I’m currently working with in a very solid way.

Alfonso Ramos

Futura Rounded is a sans serif typeface that, as Alfonso mentions, is always useful because it is a very clean typeface, with slightly thicker and rounder strokes than Futura, making it a good option to combine with bolder typefaces or to maintain sobriety in a design.

In this iteration of his Heartsome Leagues project he made use of Futura Rounded while in others he combined it with Carnaby Street.

Image: Alfonso Ramos – Heartsome League

futura rounded typograph

Typefaces for every occasion

As we have seen, the right choice of typography can be the difference between a great design and a not so great one. This is mainly due to the meta-communicative quality they intrinsically have. It’s not just the text that communicates, but the form of the text, and that’s where the choice of typefaces becomes extremely important.

Now that you’ve seen the experts, why not create your own design using some of the templates offered here by Canva and play with the hundreds of fonts available until you find the perfect combination to express just what you want?